Posted by: edsyrett | 26 July 2008

The Joel Test

If you write software for a living, then you should by now have read and inwardly digested this.

I’ve just started to manage a guy who’s been working on his own for a while developing some quite important apps using Microsoft Access.

He scores 1 – he’s got a quiet office.

I’m amazed that business software is still being produced in this ad-hoc fashion.  It’s true that a one-man project with just the compiler and debugger may still be successful, but the absence of the best practices described in Joel’s article means the project has higher probability of failure.

It’s like trying to keep superbugs out of hospitals – even with all the best sanitisation procedures a hospital still can’t guarantee that they will prevent an outbreak.  However, removing any of those procedures will greatly increase the chances of a bug appearing.


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