Posted by: edsyrett | 22 September 2008

Google Geo Developers

It’s always nice to meet up with the guys responsible for the tools you use day in, day out.  I went to a little meet of a bunch of developers at the Google UK office in Victoria.   A guy called Mano Marks organised the meeting and his blog entry is here.

It wasn’t an earth-shatteringly informative session, more along the lines of “meet the guys”.

I made sure I told Mano about the printing issue with the Flash API – basically you can’t run an effect over or print the map control because they both go off to the Google server and request the bitmaps, which results in a Security Sandbox Violation.

Anyway…I’m in the picture on Mano’s blog entry….well, sort of… I’m in the shadows down to the right of second shot….


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