Posted by: edsyrett | 24 September 2008

ActionScript 3 (with a bit of Visual Basic thrown in…)

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather….

Here’s a bit of code that I just compiled with the Flex 3.1 SDK:

var person : Person = new Person();
with (person)
    name = "Ed";
    age = 44;

Anyone who has done any Visual Basic will instantly recognise this as a standard construct.  But it has really been kept quiet in ActionScript 3.  It’s certainly not a construct you’d normally associate with any Object Oriented language like ActionScript and its ancestors like JavaScript and C++.  It seems to have been kept quiet by the Adobe developers – I couldn’t find anything in the documentation (although to be fair it’s difficult to filter out all the occurrences of “with”), and I couldn’t find any usage of it in the SDK source code.

I found out about this on Vladimir Angelov’s blog here.  This lucky guy has managed to kick off his own blog and immediately produce two very informative posts.  Well done Vladimir.


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