Posted by: edsyrett | 29 November 2008

My flash package has gone missing…

Just recently I’ve noticed something very strange happening in Flex Builder running on Windows XP.  It seems to have forgotten about the flash.* package.

Flex Builder doesn’t offer any of the classes in the flash package during code completion.

Much worse, what used to happen was that when I saved or pressed Ctrl-Shift-O to sort my imports, anything in the flash package would just disappear from my imports.

As it happens, I’ve been able to work around this last problem by unchecking “Keep imports organized” in Windows/Preferences/Flex/Editors/ActionScript code.  But I still have to add imports in the flash package manually.

A similar issue has been reported on the Adobe Bug Management System here, although this particular report seems to be more to do with Ubutu.  However, one guy has posted a possible solution for Windows that I have reproduced here:

Windows + Flex SDK + Flex Builder 3.0.194161 
To fix it: 
1) move /frameworks/libs/player/9/playerglobal.swc to /frameworks/libs/player/playerglobal.swc 
2) edit /frameworks/flex-config.xml 

I haven’t tried this yet as I’m seeing the problem on my work pc, so I’ll try it out on Monday.

It’s also interesting that I have this problem at work where I have an older version of Eclipse with the Flex Builder plugin, but at home I have Flex Builder 3.0.205647 (not the plugin), which doesn’t show the same problem. This version is obviously later than the version mentioned in the bug report, so maybe the issue has gone away in my home version.

It seems that I’m not the only one with this problem.  I notice that Tink has encountered this problem from his blog post here. He is a lot further forward in figuring out what to do to make it go away. So I’ll be watching both his blog and the bug report for any developments.



  1. Hey Ed

    Not sure the problems are exactly the same as mine wasn’t limited to the flash package, although it definitely started with the flash package alone (although i seem to remember flash.errors worked fine).

    Mine also went on to included Flex containers, all methods on any object and custom classes and it began to duplicate my files, and finally it began to include Flex controls. Over time it kept getting worse.

    I have it working again now, due to changing the code I was adding as a source path, although I’m still to find the exact cause. I’m just glad its working again!

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