Posted by: edsyrett | 15 January 2009

Runtime error handling in Flash and AIR

Back in the days when I was doing Windows 3.0 with Microsoft C 6.0, you could add a try/catch block around the message loop and your app would happily show you when any runtime error occurred.  

Unfortunately the standard Flash Player and AIR runtime just ignore any such errors – the user won’t get an error message and will most likely just see very strange and erroneous behaviour, and there is absolutely nothing useful he or she can tell the developers.

It seems that this is a big issue with developers as it really restricts our ability to track down bugs in live systems.  There’s a bug report here – Ability to intercept system error dialogs – for Flash Player. It’s been hanging around since June 2007, and nothing appears to have been done.  Please vote for this one, add a comment, and add your voice to the ever growing band of developers who need a global error handler of some sort.


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