Posted by: edsyrett | 18 February 2009

I’ve developed my own OLAP Cube

..and here is a test app that shows it working.

I originally had a go with the SDK OLAP classes.  One of my previous posts here shows a test app that I produced.  This app shows just a grid with the cube output.  

But we wanted to put the data in a chart.  I had a good look at the source code for OLAPCube etc and I just couldn’t understand any of it.  It seems way too complicated – I guess it has a whole load of functionality that I don’t understand and probably will never need.

So I had a go at creating my own simplistic OLAP Cube.  It quite happily allows me to add dimensions made up of one data column.  I know that the SDK classes allow you to create a hierarchy of columns, i.e. you build up a dimension out of more than one column.  Whilst we don’t need anything like that at the moment, I’m pretty sure I could add that functionality to my classes if I need to.

So my Cube classes seem to work, they are simple to understand, and I can output the data to a chart (although in the test app the charting a bit odd – I need to introduce drag and drop in there somewhere…)

Finally, my Cube classes don’t come with a price tag like the advanced classes in the SDK….


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