Posted by: edsyrett | 6 March 2009

Flash Player Version detection is bust in Flex Builder 3.0.1

I have just upgraded to FB 3.0.1. It just happened that I needed to create a small test project for a problem that I wanted to isolate and sort out. When I ran the project, I got a little message asking me if I wanted to update my Flash Player to 10.

Update to Flash Player 10    

This is quite obviously a bug.   It’s wrong on two counts:

  • Firstly I don’t have to update to Flash Player 10.  The code in my test project will happily work on Flash Player 9.0.115.
  • Secondly it doesn’t tell me what version I do need to update to.   By default, the required Flash Player version in a new project is version 9.0.128.  If that’s what the developer has set (by default or otherwise), then that’s what the message should say.

There is already an issue with Flash Player detection on the Adobe bug system here.  But this didn’t cover all the issues I was seeing.  It turned out that I could reproduce this issue by turning off  Express Install in the project compiler settings.   My issue seems to revolve specifically around the detection of the Flash Player version when Express Install is set.  I did a cursory check to see if anyone has already reported this and found nothing much.  So I added my own bug report here – vote it up, comment on it, shout it down at your leisure.

There’s a sort of workaround in that you can artificially lower the required version of Flash Player in the project compiler settings so that there’s less likelihood that anyone will get this message.



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