Posted by: edsyrett | 21 June 2009

Flash Builder 4 and netmon.swc

I downloaded the latest build of the new Flash Builder 4.0 standalone, hoping for a bit of a fiddle to see what it did.  Unfortunately I didn’t get very far.  I created about the simplest test app you’re like to to find, but when I came to build it, I got this error:

unable to open ‘C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Builder4 Beta\sdks\4.0.0\frameworks/libs/netmon.swc’

I’m not sure whether the forward slashes at the end of the path are the problem, and even if they were, I couldn’t find any configuration file to correct it. In any case, I really don’t think Flash Builder should throw an error like this just after a vanilla installation.

You can get around the issue by simply unchecking “enable network monitor” in the compiler settings for the project, but to me that’s not acceptable as I wanted to play around with the network monitor.

I’ve had a look at the Adobe bugs and there is an issue that mentions this error message here, but the issue report isn’t actually about the error itself. I’ve commented on this issue asking if there should be a separate issue for this.  After thinking about it for a bit, I added a new bug report anyway, and it’s here.



  1. […] his machine, where I got a different and less cryptic error similar to the error Ed Syrett reported here. To work around this I copied the netmon.swc from the original 4.0 SDK that installed with Flash […]

  2. I got this same problem. I copied the netmon.swc from the original 4.0.0 SDK that came with Flash Builder. I don’t know if this helps, but I’m assuming that since they didn’t provide a new SWC they didn’t make any updates there.

  3. I got the same netmon.swc problem after I apply the latest night build. Now I just uncheck “enable network monitor” in the compiler settings for the project. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you pals, you save me 🙂

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