Posted by: edsyrett | 18 August 2009

Loading assets on demand, and blowing up Flex Builder…

We’re using the Flash API for Google Maps.  You can specify your own image for a location marker, and because we don’t do anything by halves here, we wanted an image for each location.

So we generated 99 icons for 20 routes, with each route being a different colour, and the number embedded in the icon.  In fact, the background colours from the icons were generated using the colours from my Colour Scheme tool that I mentioned in my previous post.

So thats about 180 small images that we wanted to download to the client.  Rather than making each client download these images every time, we wanted the client to only download the images when they were required.  So the images are in their own swf which is simply a compiled stylesheet.  The stylesheet looks like this:

drop1: Embed(source='../assets/drop_icons/1/drop_icons_1_1.png');
drop2: Embed(source='../assets/drop_icons/1/drop_icons_1_2.png');
drop3: Embed(source='../assets/drop_icons/1/drop_icons_1_3.png');
drop4: Embed(source='../assets/drop_icons/1/drop_icons_1_4.png');
drop5: Embed(source='../assets/drop_icons/1/drop_icons_1_5.png');

I’ve named the styles according to how they are used, so that one style has all the icons for a single route.

Then I wrote a simple little app to make sure that I could get the images out and pass them to the map API.  You can click on the image at the top of this post to go to the test app – View Source is enabled, but you won’t get the images cos we had to pay for those…:-D

And then there was the problem of Flex Builder just exiting without warning. I found that after I had built the swf containing these 180 images, I would continue normally for a couple of minutes and then I performed some action like opening a project, and Flex Builder would just vanish. It exited. It was no more. A few very strange messages were produce, and reading between the lines it seems that Flex Builder just ran out of memory.

Flex Builder is working ok up to a point in that it managed to compile the swf.  However, there’s obviously something not being tidied up after the compilation, so I have raised a bug with Adobe and it’s here.  I’m pleased that it seems to be getting quite a bit of attention from the Adobe guys….



  1. Couldn’t you have just drawn them within the app?

    • Ethan – Yes I could have generated them, and I have seen some code samples to do that – it’s really not difficult. However the situation was like this – my Boss had decided how he wanted the icons to look, and he went onto a web site that allowed him to generate all of them in one hit. So I just incorporated them into a stylesheet. With hindsight it would have been better to take one blank of each colour and overlay a number onto it at runtime. Maybe next time….

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