Posted by: edsyrett | 18 August 2009

Overlay colours in Google Maps

ColourScheme Test App

When you have more than one route overlay shown on a map, it gets a bit difficult to separate them out.  We needed to show several routes on a map all at once, and generating the colours using some fancy colour-wheel stuff just didn’t make the route overlays show up.

So we went for Plan B.  We needed to generate a fixed set of colours that we knew would show up on the map.  I needed a way of showing about 20 colours up against each other so that as routes were added, the colours would be so different that we would be able to see each route.  In addition, we wanted to make sure that the route colours were different to the default colours used to show roads etc on the maps themselves.

So I wrote a simple little app to show colours in a list.  You can drag the colours around, and as you select each colour, the colour picker at the top gets set, and you can then edit that individual colour with the picker.  You can click on the add button to add a new bar to the list.   As you make changes, the code window on the right gets updates, and you can copy that and paste it into your actionscript to create a colour array.


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