Posted by: edsyrett | 8 April 2010

What’s happening?

Just in case you get here and wonder why I haven’t posted anything for a couple of months, it’s because we’re stopping doing Flex.

Our problem with Flex is that you can’t run Flex apps in a browser and host the whole thing in Citrix – the browser and Flex combination takes up way too much memory.

Ok, so you’re asking “why are you running Flex apps in Citrix”? Well, it’s because we are a global Logistics company and a lot of our offices have WinTerms (very small PCs) that just run a Citrix client. That way, our operations staff just have the Citrix servers to manage, not loads of PCs on desks.

Also, we want to write one app that can be run either via Citrix, or over the web.

So we are looking at Google Web Toolkit instead. It takes up less memory in the browser, which will hopefully allow us to run more realistic numbers of clients on a given Citrix server. And of course it can run over the web.

So there probably won’t be any more from me on Flex. Maybe I had better change the name of the Blog from Flexibility to something else….any suggestions?


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