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View Ed Syrett's profile on LinkedIn My name is Ed Syrett.

OK…that’s the worst bit over and done with.

I work for a large (in fact, very large) logistics company. Right now we’re doing some very interesting things with Flex 3.1.  Actually, we pushing it almost to its limits. 

I’ve been doing software for years and years. For a long time I did C++. That is the Daddy of all languages – you can do anything with it.  A couple of years ago we started doing Flex and Java, and it was very easy for me to transfer my C++ Object Orientation skills to ActionScript.

I have been making use of my OO skills to design a reusable framework for all our our new applications.  This is our own design (not based on Cairngorm etc) and it provides menus and MDI windows among other things.   We’re now on our fourth application, and the framework seems to be holding up.

I have also starting doing a lot of stuff with Ant.  As I explain on one of my other pages – Industrial-strength builds with Flex – we now have a release build script that builds our applications and deploys them to our test servers.

Finally, I have been doing a lot of technlogy prototyping:

  • Profiling 
  • Charts
  • Mapping with Google Maps, including Heat Maps.

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